Generations-The Burdick Family

I met the Burdick family when our son played baseball. Their sweet first born was on my little boy’s team. It’s so fun remembering those fun days on the ball field. Here a year and a half later, the boys still talk about each other. Thank you Burdick family for allowing me to photograph your family once again this year. It’s so great to see your boys grow through the years. Enjoy your photos.



Generations-The Donnell Family

This is Clint and Lyndsey and their precious family. Clint used to work with my husband when we lived in Knoxville. The last time I saw them was a year ago when the little one was just a bump. How he and his sweet big sister have grown. Clint and Lyndsey is was a true gife to see you and your family again. We do miss you all so much. I hope you love your photos and thank you for trusting me with your family!


Generations-The Heck Family

What a sweet family. Sabrina, I’ve known a very long time. We were the best of friends through high school, then distance came, we went separate ways. But as fate would have it we’ve reconnected once again. Sabrina’s husband and his brother wanted to do something special for someone special this year, so they called me to help in that special something. It was such a blessing to see Sabrina and her family, also to meet her in-laws. They their story is a story of God’s mercy and redemption in their lives. What a sweet family they all are. Thank you Heck family for allowing me to share in your joy. I hope you love your photos.


Beloved-Elsten Wedding

Southern Charm, Southern Hostility, Southern Style. This wedding was an absolute blast. Deep in the heart of the mountains of East Tennessee Trent and Lindsay vowed to love one another through all life throws at them. It was a beautiful October day with lots of family, friends, food and football! The best moment was during the fist dance! They were dancing away when all of the sudden a groomsman shouted “WE (Tennessee) WON!” As soon as the song ended the DJ went straight into Rocky Top and the place erupted with excitement and lots of dancing! It was a moment to remember for sure. Trent and Lindsay, thank you for trusting Handmade-Photography with your wedding. You all are fantastic!


Location: Country Manor Acres
Caterer: Miss Lily’s Catering
Florist: Flowers by Sarah
DJ: Music in Motion (Corey Ozair)
Videographer: Big State Media
Cake: Miss Lily’s
Rentals: Campbell’s Rentals

Generations~The Donnell Family

This is the Donnell family! My husband works with the dad (Clint). They are such a sweet family with a wonderful story of God’s redemption and LOVE! We took a drive to Seven Islands State Park in Kodak, TN. Even though it was quite a drive, I think it was well worth it! The park is beautiful! It a birding park but the funny thing is we only saw one bird. But that one bird was the Bald Eagle, so we were OK with that. Drew kept calling out to the birds. It was so sweet and funny at the same time. Clint, Lyndsey and Drew, I hope you love your images!


Generations~The Hill Family

This is the Hill family! They are friends of my family and what a sweet family they are! Shelly has been a great encouragement through my journey of homeschooling. Jason and my husband are a lot alike and their kids are just delightful! I had the pleasure of going to Sequoia park with them this past weekend and I had a great time chatting and photographing them. Thanks for trusting me with you photos! I hope you love them!

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Beloved~McCutcheon Wedding

I shot my 2nd wedding this month a week or so ago. It was a gorgeous day full of love. The bride (Livia) is from Brazil and her whole family flew from there to see her marry the love of her life (Kevin) whose parents live in New York! How did they end up is Knoxville? That was my question too. Livia and Kevin live in TX. He is a captain the Air Force and is stationed there. While he family is 1/2 way across the world and his parents are in NY, his aunts and uncles live in Townsend, so it was most convenient for the most people to be married in east TN, and I’m so glad they did. Not only are there families out-of-state/country, they also had family and friends travel from India, Maryland and Alabama, just to name a few. These two are clearly well-loved! There were married at St. Johns Cathedral in downtown Knoxville and their reception was at Country Manor Acres. I convinced them that since Kevin is a pilot in the Air force they needed to have their pictures with planes. They agreed and I found a small little airport that let us come for a few pictures. Thanks Sky Ranch Airport for allowing us to stop by! So a beautiful day spent with a beautiful family makes for a wonderful day! Congrats Kevin and Livia! I wish you much happiness in your life together!

McCutecheon-01-2 McCutecheon-02-2 McCutecheon-03-2 McCutecheon-04-2 McCutecheon-05-2 McCutecheon-06-2 McCutecheon-07-2 McCutecheon-08-2 McCutecheon-09-2 McCutecheon-10-2 McCutecheon-11-2 McCutecheon-12-2 McCutecheon-13-2 McCutecheon-14-2 McCutecheon-15-2 McCutecheon-16-2 McCutecheon-17-2 McCutecheon-18-2 McCutecheon-19-2 McCutecheon-20-2 McCutecheon-21-2 McCutecheon-22-2 McCutecheon-23-2 McCutecheon-24-2 McCutecheon-25-2 McCutecheon-26-2 McCutecheon-27-2 McCutecheon-28-2 McCutecheon-29-2nMcMutecheon-32-2 McCutecheon-30-2 McCutecheon-31-2 McCutecheon-32-2 McCutecheon-33-2 McCutecheon-34-2 McCutecheon-35-2 McCutecheon-36-2 nMcMutecheon-01-2 nMcMutecheon-02-2 nMcMutecheon-03-2 nMcMutecheon-04-2 nMcMutecheon-05-2 nMcMutecheon-06-2 nMcMutecheon-07-2 nMcMutecheon-08-2 nMcMutecheon-09-2 nMcMutecheon-10-2 nMcMutecheon-11-2 nMcMutecheon-12-2 nMcMutecheon-13-2 nMcMutecheon-14-2 nMcMutecheon-15-2 nMcMutecheon-16-2 nMcMutecheon-17-2 nMcMutecheon-18-2 nMcMutecheon-20-2 nMcMutecheon-22-2 nMcMutecheon-23-2 nMcMutecheon-24-2 nMcMutecheon-25-2 nMcMutecheon-26-2 nMcMutecheon-27-2 nMcMutecheon-29-2 nMcMutecheon-30-2 nMcMutecheon-31-2
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Ceremony: St. Johns Cathedral
Reception: Country Manor Acres
Airport: Sky ranch Airport
Makeup/Hair: Tatyana Wilcox
Band: Jeff Jopling Band
Catering: Rosa’s Catering
eception Coordinator: Elease Productions

Beloved~Steven & Kayla

What makes a great wedding? Is it the venue, is it the dress, is it the food? I think it’s the people! This couple is proof of that. Steven and Kayla, despite the fact that the rain changed their ceremony and picture plans, had the best outlook on their special day! These two embraced the not so perfect weather, but had a PERFECT day! I love couples that focus on the reason for the day and not letting anything ruin it! The ceremony was a hit and they vowed to love each other through thick and thin (even when OSU wins!)! Yes, Kayla snuck that into her vows and the guest erupted in laughter (me included)! It was a fantastic day with a fantastic couple and fantastic guest! Thank you Steven and Kayla for asking me to capture your day! I hope you are pleased!

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Ceremony & Reception: Country Manor Acres
Music: Mobile Beats
Catering: Rickard Ridge BBQ